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KeyBoard Shorcuts

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KeyBoard Shorcuts Vide
PostSubject: KeyBoard Shorcuts KeyBoard Shorcuts EmptySun Nov 16, 2008 1:18 pm

Are you tired.... of holding your mouse and going here and there.... well it's time to use this trick.....

Quote :

Copy - Ctrl C

Paste - Ctrl V

End status when get's hang - Ctrl Alt Delete * you could use this on infinity right click tricks

Duplicate window - Ctrl N

Organize favorite - Ctrl B

Find a word in a page - Ctrl F

View history - Ctrl H

Highlight all in a page - Ctrl A

Open google serch - Ctrl E

Refresh - Ctrl R

Print the page - Ctrl P

Down fast - Space bar

Right click - the second key after the space bar then click down and up to select then enter

Open start - the second key before the space bar click up and down to select then enter

Close window - Ctrl W

Screen Shot - print screen ___ SysRq

Pick the an icon in the desktop - Shift and the first letter of the icon you will pick then enter

Ρρ - Alt 165 the big letter and Alt 164 for the small letter


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KeyBoard Shorcuts

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